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Happy Birthday, Jimmy Stewart! (May 20, 1908 - July 2, 1997)
That’s the great thing about the movies. After you learn—and if you’re good enough, and God helps you, and you’re lucky to have a personality that comes across—then what you’re doing is giving people little, little, tiny pieces of time that they’ll never forget.
"I would prefer to place Jimmy Stewart in a triptych of equal acting greatness with Cary Grant and James Cagney. Stewart is the most complete actor-personality in the American cinema, particularly gifted in expressing the emotional ambivalence of the action hero." — Andrew Sarris

"All the women want to mother Jimmy Stewart. That’s his great quality." — Frank Capra

"When something happens to a star, to a James Stewart, the public feels it more." — Alfred Hitchcock

"He was the most naturally gifted actor I ever worked with. It was all instinct, all emotion. I don’t think it came from training or technique. It came from forces deep within him." — Thomas Mitchell 

"The story goes that, when news first hit Hollywood of Ronald Reagan’s ambitions to be President, Jack Warner, the legendarily blunt mogul, responded, ‘No, no, no. Jimmy Stewart for President. Ronald Reagan for best friend.’" — David Ansen

"A show business optimist? That’s an accordion player with a beeper." — Johnny Carson

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